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The Fidelity E-Pay solution by Fidelity Bank, the service is a web based Self service that enables both direct and third party payments. This E-Pay is suitable for Persons and organisations that have bulk payment needs, it provides a central platform for direct payment of salaries to employee and staff of an organization, or to make a payment to an independent Contractor or Supplier using E- cheques, and also enables third party payment.

When an organization makes use of the E-Pay service, the Organization’s account will be automatically credited, while the recipients account will be debited at the same time, with an audit trail that shows comprehensive details of the transaction.

Some of the features that comes E-Pay service are;

1. Automatic Payroll Remittance: this service enables the following features;
- Transfers fund from Corporate account to employee’s account
- Comes with a self service portal for Salary payment.
- Direct credit to virtual account for non account holder in the organization.
- Transfers Pension contribution to respective PFA.

2. E- Cheque: this feature allows an organization to make payment to Independent Suppliers and Contractors or any other third party. Some of the features of this service include;
- Email notification to fund recipients
- General management reports
- Comprehensive audit trails and log in activities.
Some of the benefits of the E-Pay service to both the organization and the recipients are;
- To an Organisation, this service gives you total control of payment types
- Online real time payment to both fidelity and none fidelity bank account holders at no extra cost

While to the recipients enjoy the following benefits;
- Immediate credit of account
Also it gives you access to salary advance of up to 45%

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