Why you need to personally know your account officer


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Posted by on Sunday June 15, 2014 at 15:53:18:

Every bank account holder has an account Officer assigned to him or her, but over 80% of account holders are ignorant of this and as such have never contacted their account Officers for once even though they have operated that account for over 10 years. To know who your account Officer is, simply visit the Customer Care table of your bank and request to know your account Officer. I guess one of the reasons why most people neglect their account Officers is because they donít know the importance or duty of an account Officer, lets look at some the reasons why you need to Personally know your account Officer;

- Gives You More Information: One of the duties of an account Officer is to provide an account holder more information about the type of account the account Holder is running and to keep him or her informed when there is a change in the account policy. So you need your account Officer to get abreast with information concerning your account.

- In The Case Of Emergencies: When you have an emergency that has to do with your bank account especially on a day when the bank is not working, itís your account Officer that you can contact to help you resolve the issue. For instance if you notice that you lost your ATM Card on a weekend, you can contact your account Officer immediately to begin the process of blocking the ATM Card, because waiting till the week starts can be dangerous most times.

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