Why a Visa card is better than a Verve card


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Posted by on Sunday June 15, 2014 at 14:23:51:

There are three major types of electronic cards issued by banks in Nigeria. They are; VISA, MasterCard and Verve Card. Visa card is issued by the company VISA which is an international company, and there are two types of VISA Card account. There is the Naira Visa card account and the Foreign currency Visa Card account. Verve card is issued by the Nigerian Company Verve and can run only on a Naira type of account and for transactions within Nigeria. Letís look at why Visa Card is better than a Verve Card;

- Country Restriction; As a Nigerian company, Verve Card is restricted to only Nigeria. This means that apart here in Nigeria, you cannot use Verve Card in another country, while Visa Card is an international card that is accepted in over 200 Countries, especially if the account is a domiciliary account; you can use your Visa Card to make withdrawal from an ATM in another Country.

- Acceptance For Online Shopping: Only local e-Commerce sites in Nigeria accepts the use of Verve card for payment after shopping in their sites. Verve,for now is not accepted for payment on foreign shopping sites like Amazon or Aliexpress. Visa Card is accepted by major international sites for payment, even Naira Visa Card can be used to make payments online.

- Receive Payments: You can use a Domiciliary account attached to a Visa Card to receive payment from anywhere in the world, all you need is the routing number of the bank you are operating with, and you make your withdrawal using the card.

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