How to lose weight by Fasting


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Posted by Akanakem on Wednesday August 17, 2016 at 17:40:41:

Overweight and obesity is caused by an excess intake of calories without burning off the excess calories. When your calorie intake is much higher than the calorie used by your body, you are likely going to gain excess weight with time.

One of the weight loss method advocated by most fitness experts is fasting method. Fasting which is also known as the intermittent fasting for weight loss has been confirmed by many experts as an efficient way to lose excess fats without side effects. The idea is for you to stay several hours without food; mostly between 14 hours to 20 hours a day. Why fasting works is that when you stay without food for 12 hours, your body enters a fat burning mode.

This means that your body starts to break down fats stored up in the liver and under the skin to produce energy for the body during this period. You have to understand you need much self-control and persistence for this method to work for you.

Tips on How Lose Weight Fast With Fasting

- Start Small: Instead of starting with a 20 hours straight on fast, you can start with a 12 hours fasting period. The 12 hours fasting period is very achievable for beginners since you spend almost 8 hours of it sleeping. This helps you body to adjust to the changes.

- Eat Small Portions: Always ensure that you eat small portions of food for your first food after your fasting and with subsequent meals. Large portions of meals diminish the effectiveness of fasting for weight loss.

- Drink more fluids: Water can help reduce your hunger and it's best to go for water that has a ph of 7 e.g. distilled or pure water.

- Avoid acidic foods after before and after fasting: Acidic foods make you more hungry and it's best to avoid it. Eat more alkaline foods.

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