Why some Nigerians have belly fat


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Posted by Akanakem on Wednesday August 17, 2016 at 17:38:15:

Most average Nigerians above the age of 45 spots a protruded belly. What they donít understand is that it is better to accumulate fats in other parts of your body, other than the abdominal region. Fats in the abdominal region release chemicals that affect organs like the liver, kidney, pancreas and heart. This leads to many health complications like diabetes and heart attack.
Some of the reasons why some Nigerians have belly fats are:

1. They eat unhealthy Diets: Most of the Nigerian diets are unhealthy and packed with calories. For instance, most Nigerians cannot cook without palm oil popularly known as red oil. What they donít know is that palm oil is packed with calories and saturated fats. A tablespoon of palm oil contains about 90 calories, while a small tomato cup of the oil contains over 500 calories. Besides palm oil, most of the other meals are staple foods and contains many calories, for instance rice, yam, garri, cassava.

2. They do little or no Physical Exercise: An average Nigerian does not value exercise. Nigerians rarely make out time to engage in any form of physical exercise or fitness activity. When you constantly eat calorie packed meals and engage in little or no physical exercise, you will inevitably gain weight and belly fats.

3. They are Ignorant: Ignorance they say kills faster than any other thing. Most Nigerians attribute belly fats or protruded tummy to wealth or riches, thus persons with belly fats make little or no effort to lose the belly fats since it is a sign of wealth and prestige. Some don't know that it actually reduces their lifespan and make them likely to die early.

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