Ways to lose belly fat in Nigeria


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Posted by Akanakem on Wednesday August 17, 2016 at 17:36:9:

Belly fats occur when there is a large deposit of fat cells in the abdominal region. It is actually more dangerous to accumulate fats in the abdominal region than other parts of the body. Unfortunately, most Nigerians are guilty of this excess belly fats syndrome and the worst part is that most uneducated people associate belly fats as a sign of wealth. The truth is that, it is a little more difficult to lose belly fats in Nigeria because most of our diets and delicacies contain many calories that find their way as fats into the abdominal region. The good news on the other hand is that with a little hard work and determination, you can lose the belly fasts.

Tips To Lose Belly Fats In Nigeria:
- Change Your Diet: As I stated earlier, most of the Nigerian dishes are packed with many calories. If you want to lose belly fats, then you have to change your diets. You can switch to healthy Nigerian meals like beans, moi-moi and okro soup that are very delicious and contains less calories.

- Reduce your food intake: Besides the change of diet factor, you have to learn to control the portion of foods you eat. A typical meal served in Nigeria is like three portions of the normal meal. You can get yourself a food scale to measure your entire meal intake to ensure that you maintain the required portion. For instance, a portion of eba should be a little smaller than your fist.

- Workout: Finally, you have to engage in a 30 minutes workout at least 3 times a week. It could be walking, bicycling, running or playing tennis. You should also do belly training exercises.

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