Why every Nigerian Business needs a Phone Number


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Posted by Jamea on Monday August 24, 2015 at 13:51:55:

Over the years, one question normally asked by business owners in Nigeria is if they still need a phone number for their business.

Some people think that because of the internet, phone numbers are no longer that important to have for a business.
You will agree with me that not everybody fancy spending the whole on social media or other internet means of communication. Some people are just not accustomed to it. And especially for customers around his part of the world, operating via phone is most preferred by customers.

People preference to phones is not that they are computer illiterates, Nigerians prefer being attended to by phones rather than the online alternatives because hat way they believe that they are more likely to be understood. Another reason why this is so is because, with a phone your are sure of talking to a human, unlike other means where it could be an automated process or a robot speaking. That way they can be able to trust you and be sure of the response and a quick one at that.

One would think that with the coming of the internet communicating through phones should be forgotten about. When asked, so overwhelming has been the preference people have for phones.

It's advisable not to use your own personal number for your business as you can't afford just anybody answering your calls from customer or being played around by kids.

In as much as you as the business owner likes your communicating channels to be digital, your customers on the other hand are more comfortable with phone communication.

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