10 Types of small business a woman can do in Nigeria


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Posted by James on Tuesday February 3, 2015 at 10:32:4:

There are several businesses in Nigeria that as a woman you can set up and in no distant time start making a really reasonable measure of profit. We already have a lot of women who are taking advantage of these opportunities and making a good living out of it. However, this is not to say that this opportunities are limited to women but can also be exploited by the men. Contained in this article are ten profitable businesses that can be started by any woman in this part of the world.

1. Restaurant business:
This business is usually considered a goldmine, that is if managed properly - provided you run it with a lot of seriousness and pay proper attention to your customers. This is one of the few businesses that is hardly affected by economic melt down as people have to eat to survive - no matter how poor they may be.
2. Outdoor Catering Service
This is quite different from opening a restaurant. This involves you offering your services outside. However, you can also own a restaurant and still be involved in outdoor services but not necessarily, and is a very good idea for mothers who really enjoy cooking as there is a lot success potential for this kind of business.
3. Poultry Farming
Farming, particularly poultry farming has become one of businesses with great opportunities lying in it. This is not at all capital intensive and is very lucrative. All that is required is a good location and buy birds that are healthy, feed them adequately and vaccinate regularly.
4. Bead and Wireworks Making
This is one business that is trending in this part of the world today as a good number of people nowadays get to prefer them to other forms of jewelries. This is one venture that promises a lot of profit as long as you keep churning beautiful design. Note here that like every other business, this is especially going to require a great deal of creativity and expertise.

5. Provision Stores
This kind of business has a good number of people involved in it but still has in it the potential of making a good mount of profit. All you need is a space to sell those household things people need on a regular basis.
6. Starting a Creche
With the rapidly increasing population and child birth, a lot of parents may not have the time to take care of their infants at home. Owning a creche, you help relieve them of this stress and at the same time making good money.


7. Making Plantain Chips
In this age where lots of people like chewing stuffs, it gives this business a great potential. This is especially true of places where people are on transit. You might be surprise at the profit you can make in this business. You just produce the chips, seal them and make supplies to hawkers, shops or even sell them yourself.

8. Housekeeping services
This is basically about helping people to keep and maintain their houses. This service can include lawn care, house cleaning and so on.

9. Tailoring/ Fashion designing
You can also decide to start a tailoring business where you sew people's clothes. And much more than that is where you design cloths. Note here that there's quite difference between a tailor (seamstress) and a fashion designer.
10. Pharmacy Retail Store
This kind of business is very profitable and lucrative
here in Nigeria especially when you know just how to go about it. I've seen a couple of women in this business and they are sure doing well. If you're not a pharmacist, you can employ one to help you with the registration process.

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