5 Businesses you can start with less than N20000


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Posted by on Sunday June 15, 2014 at 19:11:45:

One thing that discourages people from starting out a business is the amount of capital required to start and float the business. This is because thousands of Naira is normally required to start up and float my businesses, that is why you find most people with business ideas and no means of starting out because of fund.

Some businesses you can start with N20000 with quick turn over.

- Zobo Drinks: Zobo drink is made from the popular Zobo leaf. The Zobo leaf is boiled and the water is extracted to make a drink. During dry season, the demand for Zobo drink is high because of the high intensity of the sun, you can prepare the drink and supply to stores after which you collect your money after each day’s sales. The Zobo drink business can be started with much less than N5000. A custard bucket of zobo goes for N600; you buy N50 worth of ginger, then 5 satchels of drink flavour that is N100, N100 to purchase ice blocks to chill the drink. For every one bucket you make, you can get about 30 containers of 50cl cans and you sell for N50, Which leaves you with a profit of N650. You can increase you profit range by buying more buckets to sell.

- Recharge Card retailing: Airtime is one of the fast moving businesses in the country. This is because people need to make calls, access the internet and send text messages daily. You can start with the N100 cards and reinvest your profits to make more profit
Supply Of Pure Water: You can start buying pure water in bulk which goes for N60 each and supply to retailers.

- Mini Importation: you can buy cheap jewelleries like earring, watches from aliexpress and sell at a higher prize in OLX.

- Small Level Poultry Farming: you can start poultry farming, rearing of broilers to be precise. You can buy day old at N200 about 10, buy a bag of food, train them for 3 months and sell.

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