5 Businesses you can do as an undergraduate in Nigeria


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Posted by on Sunday June 15, 2014 at 16:16:58:

In Nigeria, most undergraduates strive to make money while still studying. This is because education is still a bit expensive and yet there is still a very high rate of unemployment in the country.

This is not so in other countries where full time college students have part time or full time jobs they do in order to pay their bills. An undergraduate can engage in part-time business to raise fund to support his or herself.

We are going to look into 5 businesses a person can do as an undergraduate in the higher institution:

- Offering tutorial classes: If you are good in your academics, you can make money from it by offering tutorial classes to students who wish to upgrade their grades. Some students won't mind paying for extra classes from grade A students since it will be easier for them to ask questions and understand it better from their own peers who teach.

- Selling Airtime credit: Though the profit for recharge cards or airtime sold is not much but as you constantly buy in bulk and sell, you find out that you will make profits because recharge card is one fast selling business since everybody needs to make one call or the other daily you can be selling the recharge card from your hostel apartment.

- Taking Up Typing Jobs: even if you donít want to get involved in the actual process of doing the assignment, you can make money by helping fellow students type their assignments and projects. They charge as much as N70 per page. You need a laptop and a printer to get started in this business.

- Hair braiding: Female students need to change their hair dos regularly, you can learn to make hair, drop your number with female students and offer home service for them.

- Nail Fixing: This is another business that is blazing hot on campus now, you can spice it up by learning how to carve eye brows too.

Re: 5 Businesses you can do as an undergraduate in Nigeria Reply by Gab on Saturday June 6, 2015 at 18:20:14:

Please do you have a business that can give big money?

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