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Bicycle rental business is as business, involves renting of bicycles to people to use for a specific period of time for a fee. Most People who cannot afford to buy their Personal bicycles will prefer to use the services of bicycle rentals for a small fee.

Bicycle rental business can be a lucrative business if done the right way, and it does not require a large amount of capital or machineries to get started.

To open a bicycle rental business, you may need the following:
- Bicycles
- A Parking space that is well secured to keep your bicycles
- Fliers that will help in advertising your rental service to get Clients
- A sales attendant if you donít want to be in charge of the day to day running of the business, like collecting payments, getting the contacts of Clients before releasing the bicycles, and making sure the bicycles are returned.
- Book keeping of customer accounts

Some of the pros of the bicycle rental business are:
- It is very easy to setup the business
-It is not capital intensive,
-It does not require much human power to run the business
- With the right form of adverts, you can start making money almost immediately
The Cons of the bicycle rental business include:
-It is a risky business, especially if you are in a location where People there are not trustworthy, anybody can hire your bicycle with a fake name and a fake address and make away with your bicycle without returning it.

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