Reaching out to Nigerians using Google Adwords


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Google adwords is an advertising platform that allows you to reach out to people in various locations with adverts of your product and services. When you pay Google to place your advert, Google in turn pays website owners from your location to display on adverts on their websites. This is a simple and cheap way of reaching out to people with your product and services, and if done correctly, can drive targeted traffic to you.

In Nigeria, one way to reach out to Nigerians with your product and services is through Google ads. With the increase in number of Nigerians that patronize the internet now, you can reach hundreds of thousands if not millions of Nigerians with your advert. This article will teach you how to place an advert on Google adverts to target Nigerians.

Steps to advertise:
- Go to ads website and create an account, to create an ads account, you need a Gmail address, after opening an adword account,
-Click on create campaign, enter your Campaign name,
-Choose the type of display your ad will run on
-The next step is where you will choose your target location, this helps you choose the geographical location you want your ad to be displayed in. In this context, you choose Nigeria as your location
-Choose you budget. This has to do with the amount you are placing for the ad and how much you want the ad to be consuming per view
-Choose the device you want to view the campaign. You can choose standard which allows laptops, computers and tablet users to view your ad
- Choose the ads group that wish to see your ads. It is advisable to choose multiple ad groups, and each ad will be focused on a separate keyword,
-Set up your ad copy, this includes your Keywords, URL to your website and your basic information about your service.

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