Why some Nigerian female undergraduates engage in prostitution


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Posted by Chidinma on Friday March 20, 2015 at 16:30:27:

I was engaged in an argument with some friends some time last, we were arguing over the rate of prostitution amongst our female undergraduates; my friends were of the view that over 75% of Nigerian female students are into prostitution, where I was of the view that the percentage is much less than that. But if you look around what is happening around our campus, and how our undergraduate girls flock to different hotels with older men at night, you will agree that my friends where not so far from the truth.

Some of the reasons why I think that Nigerian female undergraduates involve in prostitution include;
1. Financial Needs: Most of these female students are from poor families that are not well to do, most of them claim that they engage in prostitution to raise money to meet their financial obligations such as payment of school fees, purchase of handouts and text books.

2. Greed: some others ply the trade just because of greed and to join the cliché of happening girls in the campus. They want to wear the most expensive clothes, use the most expensive phones and gadgets and in order to meet up, they have to keep numerous sugar daddies that will provide them with money while they sale their bodies in exchange.

3. Low Moral Value: the moral value in our society is depreciating as the day goes by; we Nigerians want to copy the lifestyle of the Westerners without considering the implication on our society; sex has become so over rated in our society and is one of the reasons why prostitution is on the raise amongst our campus girls.

4. Need for sexual satisfaction: Some also engage in this just to satisfy their sexual desires. It is not all of them that come from poor families as even some rich girls do engage in it but may pretend it's just for the money. It gives them the opportunity to sleep with several men.

5. Power: Some female undergraduates also engage in prostitution with older men just to acquire social power. It would allow them to meet with influential men in the society who could guarantee them a better place in life or at least get them a job after graduation.

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