Why Nigerians now eat noodles


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Posted by Chidinma on Friday March 20, 2015 at 15:27:44:

Apart from Garri, Rice, Yam and Cassava, Instant Noodle is the next common food product that has a growing demand in Nigeria. Some people canít stay a few days without eating their favourite meal despite the numerous warning from health experts that Instant noodles does not really contain all the nutrients on its own to call it a balanced diet. In this article, I will discuss why Nigerians now eat noodles or rather why noodles have turned to many peopleís favourite meal in Nigeria.

1. Affordability: It is very cheap to prepare a meal of Instant noodles than it is to prepare other meals. Let's take for instance, a 120 mg pack of Instant Noodle comes at a price of just N60, and an adult may need to consume 2 packs to get satisfied and that makes it N120; you can add an egg which is just N30 to make it a balanced meal; meaning that with just N150, you can get yourself a good meal of Instant Noodles. However a decent place of rice of garri and soup may go for at least N200 which is a bit high. The only cheaper option would be drinking garri and water.

2. Easier and faster to Prepare: it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare Noodle, that is why it is called instant Noodles; many Nigerians opt for Noodles because it is super easy to prepare and it gets done almost instantly making it a better opt for anyway that needs a quick fix to take care of hunger. It is much easier to prepare instant noodles than to prepare traditional Nigerian meals. With Instant noodles, there is no need to add several food items just to cook a meal as it all comes as one package.

3. It can be eaten as Balanced Diet: Most people take add egg, fish, or meat to their Noodles, coupled with the dried vegetables that come inside the pack of noodle, it makes it a balanced meal.

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