Why does Boko haram like attacking on Sundays?


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Posted by Chidinma on Tuesday March 3, 2015 at 11:59:33:

Since 2009 the Islamic sect boko haram came into existence, they have wrecked a lot of lives, killed thousand and left tens of thousands homeless; properties worth billions have been destroyed owing to their operation.

Anybody that observes the activities of the boko haram sect will notice that their mode of operation is to attack on Sundays or any other day that Christians are observing a religious celebration, like the Christmas and Easter holidays.

Letís look at some of the possible reasons why boko haram like to attack on Sundays;

1. Best Time To Get Christians: The sectís primary targets are Christians, who they take as infidels, that is what they call anybody that is not a Muslim; and they know that the only time to get to Christians will be on Sundays, since its Sunday is the Christians day of worship. So they choose to attack on Sundays so as to get much of targets who are Christians. That is why you hear cases of bomb blasts on Sundays in churches or near churches after Sunday service.

2. Low Security on Sundays: Sunday is a general day of rest for workers in Nigeria and even security operatives are more relaxed in carrying out their security duties on Sundays than they do on other days. So, terrorists like boko haram take advantage of this weakness to attack on Sundays because they know that the chances of them succeeding will be higher than on a normal duty day.

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