5 Things couples can do together on Valentine's day


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Posted by James on Tuesday February 3, 2015 at 14:29:36:

As valentines day approaches, every body is thinking of ways to surprise their partners. This is one day where love and beauty is celebrated in a romantic mood. This is a day you want make special and unforgettable, leaving behind memories that will be treasured for a long time. You want to do something remarkable and looking for ways to best achieve that. There are a lot of romantic things that you can do as a couple, the list is just endless.

First Date again
This can be really interesting. You guys just get to pretend to meeting each other for the first time and are having your date. Fake an act of either how you behaved when had your first date or how would behave if this was your first date. The idea is to make everything fun, remembering all the feelings that you had or use to have when you first dated. This is sure to add a kind of romantic sparkle to make the feel special.

Going out for a public event
One of the best things that you can do (which is also common) on this day is going out together for a public show/event. It could be in the form of going to a public event, watching a movie at the cinema or maybe visiting a beach or resort. This has a way of creating a unique atmosphere specially with the presence of the crowd to take the focus off the daunting day.

Going for a Romantic Picnic
This is something a lot of couples do from time to time, but on this day it should have touch of romance in it. As a couple you just decide on going out to eat and engage in several fun filled activities just the two of you in a very special place this Valentine’s Day.

Having a Romantic Dinner
This is also something that as couples you get to do from time to time and is also an effective way to make this day special. When it comes to valentines day, you must ensure to include that touch of romance. You can decide to do the cooking yourselves. You can also come up with other ideas that will spice up your moments together - like having a contests with prizes involved. This creativity can go a long way in creating the fun.

Lodging in a hotel room
You will agree with me that sometimes, an effective way of "getting in the mood" is engaging in a change of space or environment. It brings in an entirely different feeling that can help make the day special. Why not get away from your normal routines and spend the night just ordering room service and cuddling yourselves all the way into the night.

Like the saying goes that the key to any successful event is in the planning, so it is for any valentine's day. As that special approaches, you have put heads together with your spouse and come up with a plan. You must realize that men and women think a lot differently and as such need to put their heads together in making up plans that will suit them both. As the guy, you want to come up with ideas that will not only be ok by you but also by your partner, so also goes for the ladies towards their guys. As a general rule, it is said that women like chick-flick type romantic interludes and on the other hand guys may prefer more sizzle.

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