Chibok girls


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Posted by Chidinma on Monday January 19, 2015 at 15:39:29:

Nigeria has been suffering a growing level of violence a religious fanatical terrorist group popularly called Boko haram who claim that they donít need western education in the country. Since the start of this insurgency, thousands of people have lost their lives, tens of thousands have been displaced from their abode and forced to relocate to other places while properties worth billions of Naira have been lost.

The height of the insurgency occurred when the Islamic sect visited a secondary school in Chibok town located in Maiduguri and kidnapped over two hundred secondary school girls who were in school preparing for their West Africa School Cert Exams (WAEC). The incident occurred at night when the students were in their classrooms observing their night prep or night classes. The members of the sect where said to be dressed in military uniforms and came with two trucks or long vehicles in which the kidnapped girls were taken away.

All efforts by the Federal government and other concerned bodies to located the where about and rescue the kidnapped girls have proofed abortive till date. Severally, Nigerian soldiers have been dispatched to the notorious Sambisa forest where it is alleged that the Islamic sect are keeping the girls and these missions are time again unfruitful as our soldiers have claimed that the Islamic sect have more sophisticated fighting weapons than they do. The question on most peopleís mind which have reminded unanswered over this Chibok girls issue are: where girls from Chibok School really kidnapped? If they where, what are their fate where ever they are? Is there hope for their rescue?

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