How to Drink Garrri


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Posted by Staff on Friday August 26, 2016 at 15:51:58:

Garri is a staple food in Nigeria and much of West Africa. It is made from cassava which has been grounded and roasted to make it have a longer shelf/storage life

Garri is more commonly eaten in Nigeria than other foods like rice or Yam.
Garri is eaten mostly at night times to help keep people satisfied till the next morning although it can be eaten anytime and it is high in starch and carbhoydrates - a common source of energy.

Garri is more commonly boiled and served with vegetable soup before eating but it can also be prepared alone in a form suitable for drinking or scooping by adding water.

How you can drink Garri
- Pour one part of garri in a cup or bowl
- Pour at least 4 parts of water
- Allow to soak for about 3 minutes
- Pour off the top part of the water to remove dirt or any foreign floating particles
- Add a little more water, sugar and maybe groundnuts plus milk
- Now you can drink garri

Are there any benefits to drinking garri? Well, yes and number one is that it stops hunger and it nourishes the body with energy from carbohydrates. If it's made with palm oil, it's also richer to the body.

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