Child Labour in Nigeria


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Child labour has to do with employment of children less than 18, and thereby depriving them of the opportunity to acquire basic formal education. The issue if child labour is very prevalent in Nigeria, as everyday during school hours, you see children carrying about petty items like pure water, fruits etc to hawk instead of being in the classroom. As over 2006, there are over 15 million children who are engaged in child labour and the number has increased much more since then. Despite the efforts many state governments are making to offer free education to pupils in primary school levels and students in secondary schools,. You still have children who are forced b their parents or guardians to hawk instead of going to school.

Cause Of Child Labour In Nigeria:
The main cause of child labour in Nigeria can be attributed to poverty. Parents who are not able to make enough money to cater for the family give up their children to child labour to help supplement the family income.

Dangers Of Child Labour:
1. It exposes children to many dangers such as rape, drug addiction, prostitution and kidnap
2. It deprives a child the opportunity to acquire basic education like his or her age mates.

Things Government Can do To Stop Child Labour:
1. Govt can make it illegal for children to be used for labour.

2. Government can create the awareness of the dangers of child labour, and why parents should resist form the act.

3. Government should offer a social welfare program that helps take care of children who are unwanted or can't be taken care of by their parents.

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