Why do people commit suicide


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Posted by on Monday July 14, 2014 at 10:10:7:

Suicide is when a person takes his or her life willingly. It is often a mental related issue. The rate of suicide is generally low in Nigeria and African countries when compared to the rate of suicide cases in the western world. Some years back, the issue of suicide was almost unheard of in Nigeria, but it is now quietly becoming a constant issue, as in this year alone, over 5 students have been reported have committed suicide .in this article, in this article, I will mention some reasons why people choose to commit suicide.

Some reasons:
- Depression: This is one of the major reasons why people commit suicide. Over 50% of suicide attempts have been pointed back to depression. When someone is suffering from chronic depression, and does not seek for adequate help from a professional, the person may opt to commit suicide in order to end it all. A depressed person is normally sad and so finds it hard to deal with life.

- Frustration: When a person is frustrated with a lot of life issues and problems, the person may choose to commit suicide. The frustration can be caused by failures, financial debts, break ups, divorce, or loosing a loved one, but whatever it is can lead to suicide attempts especially if the person decides bottle it all up. A frustrated person is normally angry and might also be depressed at the same time and just wants to do something drastic.

- Fear: A person might also make the decision to die because he is afraid of facing the future. A decision is made by the person to give it all up and just move on to the next phase of existence. For instance, a person who is suffering from a terminal disease with no foreseeable cure can decide to end it up so soon by committing suicide rather than facing the agonizing illness.

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