Effects of Oil spillage in Nigeria


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Nigeria is one of the top crude oil producing country in the world, and to get crude oil companies have to drill the oil for the earth with large machineries, and most times in the process of drilling, oil spillage occurs. Oil spillage has to do with over flow of crude oil and other dangerous chemicals on the soil and water. Though most of these spend millions of Naira every year to ensure that oil spillage is avoided or to clear up any area where it occurs, but we still experience regular cases of oil spillage in this country. Let’s discuss some of the effects of oil spillage in Nigeria.

First and foremost, oil spillage was the major reason that caused the Militant groups in the southern part of Nigeria to be formed. The south south zone is the major oil producing zone in Nigeria, and before the Militant insurgency, multi national companies that drill crude oil from the area spilled the oil on the soil and rivers, damaging crops and fishes in the water, and we all know that indigents of these areas are mostly fishermen and farmers.

The oil spillage damaged their source of livelihood and the companies did little or nothing to compensate indigenes of the communities affected, this left them with no choice than to protest for their right. It was in the course of protesting that the Militants energy and escalated to kidnapping and destroying lies and properties worth millions of naira. In fact the oil sector which was and is still Nigeria’s main source of income was really affected, all because of the issue of oil spillage that wasn’t taken care of early enough.

Some of the effects of oil spillage in the country includes:
- Destruction of farmlands and farming culture of the people
- Destruction of sea life and local fishing business.
- Increase in oil theft in the Niger Delta oil region
- Importation of arms
- Increase in rate of kidnapping and violent crimes

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