Things Nigerians Use Old Newspapers For


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Posted by Akanakem on Wednesday August 17, 2016 at 17:5:15:

Nigerians hate to waste items no matter how old or odd the item is, especially in this period of economic crunch. It is mostly in Nigeria that you will find old Televisions and electronics used in the 1970ís and the owners refuse to discard them because according to them, it might still be useful in the future. Even their old newspapers are used for several purposes instead of burning them.

Some of the things Nigerians use old newspapers for:

a. Book Wrapping: Most Nigerians wrap the cover of their valuable books with newspapers. Wrapping book covers with newspapers makes the book last longer.

b. Toilet Use: Some Nigerians who can not afford to purchase toilet tissue or are caught in an emergency would opt to make use of old newspapers for their toilet needs. Those that use the water systems toilets put the soiled newspapers in a waste basket after use and burn much later.

c. Food Wrapping: Old newspapers are used by road side food sellers to wrap some food items like akara balls, suya, buns, pancakes, and other finger foods are always wrapped in old newspapers to cushion the hotness and also to prevent the oil from staining the purchaser.

d. Table Cloth: Some Nigerians use old newspapers as a disposable table cloth to avoid stains on the main tablecloth. To them, it is better to make use of a newspaper as a table cloth, then trying to wash off stains from normal table cloth.

e. Window Cleaning: Some Nigerians use old newspapers dipped in kerosene to clean off windows and other glass surfaces. It makes the surface shiny and good as new.

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