Why Nigerian men regularly shave their hair


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Posted by James on Monday August 24, 2015 at 13:50:6:

When it comes to such a subject as whether men ought to shave their hair or not, a lot of controversies set in. Some folks are against the idea and yet another thinks that it is only appropriate if men shave their hair on a regularly basis. For a country like Nigeria, most men go ahead to shave their hair always - here's why.

It's fashionable
The fashion or trend prevalent in this part of the world favour the idea of shaving of hairs. It is considered indecent when a guy goes around with bushy or thick hair on his head. Shaving or cutting their hair allows them to be easily acceptable in the society.

To look attractive
Another reason Nigerian guys shave their hairs is because of the pressures from their partners or just to look attractive. Some ladies say that they find it rather uncomfortable when they feel hairs on the guys body during romance. It makes them more attractive and presentable.

To avoid dandruff
Nigerian men also shave becasue it's an easier way to avoid hair diseases like dandruff which thrive in a bushy or full hair. Nigerian men don't fancy spending time at salons or the bathroom like women treating their hair such as by shampooing or washing but they find it eaiser to avoid dandruff and other hair problems by just shaving it off.

It is Hygienic
For some men, shaving helps to reduce irritation in the skin, rashes and some discomfort. It is also said that a the less hair one has the less the odour that oozes out of him as a result of trapped sweat(perspiration) (by the hairs).

To cool off from the heat
Also with lots of hairs, the body tends to generate a lot of heat and this can cause a discomfort and even body odour. Nigerian men have found out that one cool way to cool the body is by shaving their hair down.

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