Benefits of going for NYSC


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Posted by Chidinma on Monday July 6, 2015 at 14:38:29:

The National Youth Service (NYSC) is a 1 year mandatory program every Nigerian graduate has to undergo after graduation and even those who studied abroad are still expected to undergo this program as long as they are not above the minimum required age which is 30 years. Although the program seems daunting and like a waste of time, there are some major benefits graduates can derive from undergoing for the NYSC program.

Benefits include;
• Opportunity to make money: Since undergraduates rarely work to earn a living in Nigeria, the NYSC provides the first earning opportunity for new graduates. The Federal government paid an allowance of N19800 to each corps member as at 2013 and some States pay allowance in addition to the allowance paid by the Federal government at their Primary Place of Assignment (PPA).

• Work Experience: During the NYSC, Corpers are expected to undertake real jobs; this helps to increase their practical knowledge and experience and add to the theoretical aspect they learnt in school.

• Employment: Most a times, a Corper can be retained as a permanent staff after the NYSC period; also most Companies and Organizations require an NYSC discharge certificate as one of the requirements for job application, so NYSC increases the chances of a graduate getting employed.

• Networking: During the NYSC period, you get to meet many people who you wouldn’t have met if not for the program, and there have been instances where people got favour and opportunities form people they met during their NYSC program; so the program serves as a channel for networking.

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