The importance of giving a Christmas gift


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Posted by Chidinma on Thursday December 25, 2014 at 22:35:18:

Christmas is a season to remember the birth of Jesus and also a time to give out gifts to our loved once and the less privileged; it is a season of love and sharing, when you can package little boxes of presents and share out to people around you. You must not spend a fortune to buy Christmas gifts for people to appreciate you, something as simple as a Christmas greetings card will be appreciated by the receiver.

Let’s look at three reasons why it is important to give out gifts during the Christmas period.

1. As a sign Of Love: there is a popular saying that ‘there is love in sharing’; you can only give gifts to someone you love or care about; also if you are not in good terms with someone, you can amend the relationship or friendship by sending the person a Christmas gift.

2. Obedience to the Scriptures: the scriptures enjoins us to give, because what ever we give out will come back in a better measure; so giving out Christmas gifts is a sign of obedience to the bible which comes with a greater reward.

3. Putting A Smile On Someone’s Face: there are many less privileged people who don’t have people to share the Christmas with,; most of whom are in various hospitals and children in motherless home, when you give out gifts to these set of people during the Christmas season, you will be putting a smile on their face, and they will owe you their eternal gratitude.

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