Why rich people live longer than poor people


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 22, 2014 at 10:49:8:

Though wealth does not guarantee long life or happiness, but it is a well known fact that rich people tend to live longer than poor people; there is even a popular saying that it is better to cry inside a limousine than to be happy in a thatch house.

Reasons why rich people tend to live longer than poor people;

- Access to the best medical care: The rich can easily afford to go for regular checkups and the best medical attention in the world, while most poor people most times cannot afford to pay for a good medical treatment cannot afford the luxury talk more of having regular medical checkups. Many cases of deaths, especially in poor countries could have been avoided assuming the victim had access to better medical care.

- The rich have can easily afford the good things of life: the rich can afford to go for vacations, relaxation trips, massages; first class tickets to their destinations send their children to the best schools in the country; eat well balanced meals and can easily afford other good things of life all these add to their happiness, relaxed state of mind, while the poor cannot afford all these necessities like well balanced meals, basic amenities like good water supply and constant electricity to make their life comfortable not to talk of luxury.

- Worry free life: since the rich can afford any type of luxury they want, the have very little money issues to worry about, while the poor are constantly thinking of where the next pay cheque will come from to solve a pressing need, and before you know it, the thinking escalates to high blood pressure and other related sickness.

- Better health insurance: The more money one has, the better the health care insurance he can buy and this favours the rich more. They hardly make use of public health care system since they can afford private and specialist hospitals with their insurance.

- They do less hard work: This is also another reason why rich people live longer than poor people. The harder a person works, the shorter his lifespan tends to get. The poor people do mostly menial jobs while the rich people can choose to work less, have time for rest or exercise and still make more money than the poor people.

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