Why Petrol station attendants cheat customers


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 8, 2014 at 16:36:55:

Have you experienced this situation where you visited a petrol station to purchase fuel of gas, after you purchased the gas and drove out of the fuel petrol station you noticed that your fuel gauge is reading 2 litres less than the quantity you purchase; meaning that you were once again cheated by the fuel attendants.

I have fallen victim to this myself a couple of times and you notice that it now becoming a norm for petrol station attendants to change the meter reading I order to cheat their customers. In this article, I will state possible reasons why petrol station attendants cheat customers;

- Dishonest Attitude: This action by petrol station attendant is called cheating, but to them they may feel that they are smart. Most times, they are given tips by customers by customers but due to their die hard dishonest attitude, they still go ahead to cheat on the measurement of the litres. It is just a sad thing that at the end of the day, they end up bringing bad reputation to the petrol station and the loss will be borne by the owner of the fuel station.

- Low Salary: I am not trying to defend the action of the petrol station attendants who cheat on their customers, but they may have been forced into the act by the peanuts that they are being paid , and in order to have other means to make money to foot their bills, the may resort to cheating customers to make more money.

- Customers are ignorant: Some customers don't really know when they are cheated or not and so even when they are, it is hard for them to identify it. They might not know how to do things like reading the metre or detecting tricks used by the sellers.

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