Why a video is an effective advertising tool


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Posted by Chidinma on Wednesday October 8, 2014 at 16:18:40:

Some years back, many people depended more on radio adverts, bill boards, sign post and handbills as their major means of advertising their offline business; while for online, most people depended on writings; both blog contents, article marketing for their traffic. Video marketing have become the leading advertising tool for companies and business owners who have learnt the value of videos for marketing Youtube is an evident that people are more inclined to watching videos these days as the site gets over 500 million visitors each month and hundreds of thousands of videos are being upload every day.

Letís look at the reason why video marketing is an effective advertising tool;

1. Video Helps Keep Your Audience Interested: since video appeals to both the visual and olfactory senses, it is an easiest way for captivating the interest of your audience and passes the message about a product and service; as many people will not have the patience to read a writing and get the message in the writing.

2. It Is Easier To Persuade People To Buy A Product With A Video: If an advert is in writing, the reader may not get the picture of how the product works and the benefits of using such products. But a video shows not only benefits of a product but the product in action, making it easier to convince people to tryout the product.

3. Reach Out To More Audience: Anybody body can understand the message in a video, but literates and illiterate; so videos helps you to reach out to more people and with the help of internet your video can go viral in a short time.

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