Job websites and the Nigerian Factor


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Posted by on Saturday April 5, 2014 at 16:8:12:

Job websites in Nigeria are portals where job vacancies in Nigeria are advertised. These job sites serve both employers and employees alike. For employers, they are allowed to post the job vacancies that they have and the minimum qualification needed and where prospective job seekers can submit there CV, while for employees, they visit job sites to search for available job vacancies in their field, and how to apply for the job.

Due to high rate of unemployment in Nigeria job seekers are always in search of genuine job sites that can provide them with information on job openings and vacancies in the country.

Some job websites in Nigeria as at the time of writing this article include;,,,,,

In Nigeria, most job websites are not really regulated and so they don't really vouch for the genuiness of job offers which makes it easy for job seekers to get defrauded. Some people post jobs on job websites and even if they are valid, they tend to want to collect an application fee from the seekers before getting them invited for an interview or test. Some job offers are fake and some might be a bit real but in most cases, the poster only acts as recruitment agent for the company and hence collects a commission from the applicants. This is the case in Nigeria as a lot of jobless people are normally ripped off even before they get a job. This is the situation of things in Nigeria.

We know that there are some job sites and scammers that post job vacancies just to dupe innocent job seeker, below are some tips to avoid being duped by fake job sites and employers

Safety tips:
- Always carry out a Google search on any job website to make such they are genuine. To do this, simply go to the Google search box, type in the address of the job site and scam beside it. It will show you results and reviews by people who used the site previously.

- Before applying for any job advert, it is better to carryout a thorough research to know the kind of products or services they offer. Visit the Company’s website to get better information about the company.

- Any Company asking you to pay certain amount before or after submitting your CV is a scam. Disregard such adverts.

- Try and confirm a job vacancy by visiting the official website of the company of making a personal visit to inquire at the company.

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