Why Nigerian men hardly cook


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Posted by on Saturday March 29, 2014 at 13:21:48:

A greater number of Nigerian men do not know how to cook or prepare a simple meal.

You can hardly see a Nigerian man who is very perfect in the art of cooking. Even bachelors prefer patronizing fast foods and restaurants to learning how to cook themselves. To an extent, this is not the case in other Countries especially western countries where most of their top Chefs and Cooks are men. This article will look at the reason why Nigerian men find it hard to cook and why they donít even bother to learn and sharpen their cooking skills.

Long before the British colonial rule, it had been a norm in Nigeria that the duty of male members of the family is to earn income and provide food, while it is the place of the female top prepare meals and keep the home running. Little wonder Nigerian men have very little cooking skills, and up till today even with the change in the family cycle as most women work, and also earning a living in the family, men still have this mindset that the kitchen is the place of a woman and So they still expect women to prepare the meals, and feed the family. It is a common norm in Nigeria's culture for women to do the cooking and so the men don't bother learning about it except for some quick foods that can quench their hunger in times of emergencies.

Even bachelors donít bother to acquire cooking skills because they feel that once they are married, they wives will take charge of their meal preparation. But the truth is, it will not hurt Nigerian men to acquire some cooking skills so as to be able to help their wives in the kitchen once in a while when they are incapacitated.

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