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Posted by on Saturday March 29, 2014 at 12:23:30:

Before the advent of internet in Nigeria, Nigerians had to buy hard copies of newspapers and magazines daily or weekly to keep abreast with news and happenings in the country.

However, since the birth of internet, almost all popular newspapers and magazine companies now have websites, where People can visit to ready daily news and happenings around the country and the whole world at large.

With the introduction of GSM services in Nigeria, the mobile phone is becoming a popular tool for accessing information on the internet. A lot of People prefer visiting these online newspapers and magazines, blogs, and forums to get news and updates while on the go. Some popular online newspapers to get read Nigerian news include; Punch, Sun, Guardian, PMnews and Vanguard newspapers.

Some reasons why most People in Nigeria prefer to read daily news with their mobile phones
- Portability: It is very easy for people carry their phones with them wherever they are going to and they can access any online newspaper sites with it at anytime of the day even while they are on the go.

- Easy to Bookmark: It is easy to save news or links to current news update in your phones and access it at your leisure time.

- Affordability: It is cheaper to read from online sites than buying the hard copy. This is because, most online news sites are free, so the only cost you need for reading online news is you the cost of your data plan.

- Faster Delivery Speed: You get news updates faster with your mobile phone by visiting the newspaper site to get the latest information and news which is preferable to buying the hard copy and have to wait for the next day or week editor of the newspaper to get new information on happenings

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