3 Traits of a successful entrepreneur


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Posted by on Sunday June 15, 2014 at 19:38:32:

Entrepreneurship has to do with the ability to plan and build a business, company or organisation.

To become a successful entrepreneur, there are some character you have to make a habit in other to succeed. This article will mention three of the character traits that show that shows that a Person is an entrepreneur.

- Self confidence: Self confidence is a big criterion for anybody who is an entrepreneur because if you donít believe in yourself and your ability to succeed, how do you expect others to believe in you? Self belief is very mandatory to become a successful entrepreneur. An entrepreneur must have faith in his ideas, goals and aspirations and know that they can come to reality if he works hard on it.

- Hard working: An entrepreneur knows that hard work brings success in the long run. They are now among the group of people that sit and wait for miracles to happen. They set out a plan and know that for that plan to come to reality, they have to work it out. That is why it is not surprising that some big time entrepreneurs work about 14 hours daily to build up there company. It is not only about hard work, itís about working smart and hard.

- Ambition: Entrepreneurs have the character trait of dreaming big. They normally aim to achieve something and put all their energies into achieving it despite many obstacles they face. They know that nothing is impossible and so they dream big and work towards achieving their goals despite oppositions on the way.

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