Tips to reduce your prepaid electricity bill


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Posted by on Thursday June 5, 2014 at 16:48:15:

Prepaid electricity meter allows you pay for your power bills as you make you of it, unlike the Post-paid meter which surcharges you after a period of one month for the power that you consumed within the previous month. Prepaid power bills works just like a phone bill where you have to load recharge card and your credits will be deducted as you make calls. One disadvantage of the prepaid meter is that if you donít control your rate of power consumption, your prepaid card will be exhausted in less than no time. Letís look at some tips on how to reduce your prepaid electricity bill

- Always regulate your Power Consumption: since the bill run as you consume more power, you can reduce your power usage by switching off appliances you are not using at the moment. For instance, if you leave a room, you can switch off the bulb, television set and the fan in the room. Doing this will reduce your power usage in the long run.

- Put Off The Meter Anytime You are Leaving the House: another way to save prep[aid electricity bills is to switch off the meter anytime you are leaving the house, this way, any appliance or gadget you forgot to switch off will not be consuming power on your meter.

- Always go for Low Voltage Gadgets: some gadgets consume more power than the others, when shopping for your electronics and gadgets, always go for those with low voltage. For instance, a hot plate consumes more power. You can replace it with a low voltage burner.

- Make use of Solar energy: Yes, installing Solar panels and batteries to power little devices at your home can really save you some money. You can use it to power stuff like your lights, fan and even TV.

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