Why Local governments repair local roads


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Posted by on Thursday June 5, 2014 at 13:43:11:

Nigeria as a Country has been running a democratic system of government since 1999, and in a democratic government, there are 3 tiers of government and each tier was created to handle different responsibilities and duties. The federal government made up of the President and his executives handles matters on the exclusive list, the state which is the Governor handles general matters concerning a state while the Local government which is headed by the local government Chairman handles local responsibilities in bringing the work of the govt closer to the people. The Local government also known as government of the grass root is the lowest tier of government and the one nearest to the people.

Some of the duties handled by the local government are; repairing of local roads, construction of market places, providing basic amenities like pipe borne water to local communities. Letís look at the reason why local government repairs local roads;

These local roads are roads that interlink other roads inside a local government area and there are thousands of such roads in the Country. If the responsibilities of repairing these roads are left for the State and Federal government who have other urgent matters and hundreds of major roads to construct and manage, the repairs might not be done at all. So the other tier of government finds it easier to hand over the responsibility of repairing these local roads to Local governments and also provides them with the necessary funds to do so. This reduces the work load on the other tiers of government as they delegate these minor responsibilities to the local government to handle.

They repaid and maintain the roads within their local govt as part of their responsibility in providing basic amenities to the people who voted for them.

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