The 2014 World Cup


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Posted by on Tuesday May 27, 2014 at 13:28:25:

The World cup competition is organised by FIFA. Once in every four years, national teams from countries all around the world participate in a soccer competition for the world cup. The competition starts with a pre-world cup qualification match to select teams that are qualified to participate in the main world cup competition.

In this year 2014, a world cup competition will hold and 32 teams are to compete against each other for the Cup. The competition would kick off on the 12th of June, with the opening ceremony and end on the 13th of July. The 2014 is being hosted in Brazil in South America. A total of 64 matches would be played by the 32 national teams that advanced through the qualification competition.

The matches will be played in 18 locations in different cities in Brazil. Some of the locations include; Belem Belo, Herizonte, Gortaleze, Porto Alerge, Rio Branco. According to FIFA, the team that finally wins the world Cup will go home with the sum of 37 million dollars, the team that takes the second place would go home with 25 million dollars, while the second runner up that is the team with the third position will go home with 22 million dollar, and the third runner up will go home 20 million dollars.

With prizes like this at stake and a boasting right for the next four years until the next world cup, participating teams are warming up and making final preparations to give their best for each game they will participate in.

Who wins Brazil 2014? The best team surely but some are saying that the cup will not leave the South American continent.

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