The importance of planting a Tree


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Posted by on Saturday April 19, 2014 at 9:48:6:

Many organizations both local and international encourage individuals to plant trees in their surrounding. In recent years, we find out that due to the high demand of trees as a major raw material, the number trees are cut down, are much more than the number planted each year.

What trees do:

- Trees helps in cleaning the air: In the process of manufacturing of finished products into finished goods, some machines used for the production tend to emit gases such as carbon dioxide which is not good for human health. Trees help clean the air by absorbing carbon dioxide from the air and replacing it with oxygen. It also helps to save our ozone layer which is depleted when gases like carbon dioxide goes up into the outer most fare. By producing oxygen, trees help to balance gases in our environment in order to make it suitable for us to live in.

- Trees clean the soil: This is done through a process called phytoremediation. This process involves absorption of dangerous chemicals in the soil by trees or the conversion of such chemicals into has harmful substances. So one main importance of trees is because it makes our soil less harmful.

- It Helps in reducing noise pollution: In urban towns and cities when noise pollution is much, trees can be planted to muffle the noise. Trees are as effective as a stone wall.

- Trees can be used to stop erosion: Roots and leaves of trees break the effect of wind and rain on the soil, which is a major cause of soil erosion. That is why trees are planted when trying to control erosion in a particular environment. Soil erosion is common in places where there are little or no trees.

- Trees acts as shades are provides cool environment when there is hot weather.

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